Forthcoming events

18 June 2019
Stationer's Hall - London

Directions in Sovereign Bond Markets

Event overview

Political and economic risk, populism, new policy directions,
growth and their interplay with sovereign debt

* Accounting for prodigious investor appetite for sovereign debt in 2019. What is this telling us?
* With heavy over-subscription levels for syndicated sovereign debt issuance, are investors under-playing
   political and economic risk amid a break-down of traditional politics and the rise of populism?
* The end of austerity. Now what? Growth, public spending and debt sustainability
* Economic growth expectations
* Should we still be concerned about the sovereign-bank doom loop?

Sovereign Debt Financing Plans

* Funding intentions: how do H2 2019 and 2020 look in terms of sovereigns’ debt requirements?
* Approaching the market: auctions vs syndicated transactions
* Weighing up investor and currency diversification
* Planning international debt issuance
* Liquidity, market-making and the changing face of the primary dealer model
* The shifting sands of pricing power in sovereign bond markets

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