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Tuesday 3rd December 2019
One Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA

3rd Annual: The Impact of Technology on Debt Capital Markets

Event overview


09:30     Conference Chair’s welcome

              Keith Mullin, Founder, KM Capital Markets | Events Radar

11:00     Conference close and refreshments

We have all become familiar with terms such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology, and with notions of electronification, digitalisation, cryptocurrency bonds and other buzzwords and phrases.

And there have been plenty of examples of successful technology pilot projects, self-described ‘breakthroughs’, ‘firsts’ and proofs of concept across private placements and Schuldschein, supranational, sovereign and agency bonds, covered bonds, corporate bonds, trade finance, commercial paper and money markets.

But how has the application of fintech tools altered – really – the way in which primary debt capital markets function? How far have we come in updating the way bonds are originated, syndicated and delivered into the secondary market?

Find out at the 3rd Annual: The Impact of Technology on Debt Capital Markets, where Events Radar will tackle this and a host of other themes at the unmissable

Among topics to be discussed:

  • What, fundamentally, are the various players sitting at the intersection of fintech and primary capital markets – and that includes banks themselves – seeking to change?
  • Is this about creating an altogether different vertically-integrated end-to-end bond life-cycle? Or automating discrete elements of the existing value chain or creating better operational flow?
  • Who will benefit? How will technological developments benefit borrowers, investors, underwriters, inter-dealer brokers, lawyers, trustees, third-party data vendors, and other parties in the current issuance supply chain?
  • Where in the bond issuance process is the low-hanging fruit ripe for disruption?
  • How will technology change the role of banks as capital markets intermediaries?
  • What leverage does it provide to third-party solutions providers and non-bank platforms?
  • Are we at the start of a primary bond market revolution?
  • Are there regulatory implications?

Moderated by Keith Mullin, founder of KM Capital Markets in partnership with Bond Radar, this annual Events Radar roundtable event will convene a panel of experts from across the market ecosystem to assess the impact of the various strands of technology change on the world of bond issuance.

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