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Promotion: Bond Radar Education now available

DCM_The_Primary_Bond_Market_Educational_Video_Series_Overview_Objectives_Syllabus.pdf (.pdf) 07 Mar 2024

Bond Radar, as expert in news service for the global primary bond markets, is pleased to announce the launch of its Education division.

The first series of educational videos is entitled the ‘Debt Capital Markets (The Primary Bond Market)’. It provides an overview of the main considerations and processes undertaken by bond origination and syndicate professionals when bringing a borrower to the primary bond markets.

The complete series consist of ten modules aiming to demystify the subject by stripping away the complexities and jargon within DCM and providing simple explanations and clarity around the important topics. Each module is peppered with Q&A, as and when relevant, in anticipation of questions on certain topics or terminology used as they come up.


The Video Series course is certified by CPD Certification Service, which is the world's leading and largest independent Continuing Professional Development accreditation institution.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who have concluded all 10 modules and the associated tests.


The Video series is relevant to a wide range of job functions, areas, and level of knowledge; anyone coming from organizations involved in the sell-side and buy-side of the financial markets, plus financials service firms, corporate law firms supporting the sector, and the financials press would all benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the Debt Capital Markets, its participants, and processes.

Whether you have just started your career in finance, are looking to refresh your knowledge or are simply looking to broaden your understanding of the market, then this course is a strong ‘fit’. Importantly, the syllabus does not assume any prior knowledge, study, or work experience.

Learning Objectives

By completing this video series course the user will be able to:

  • Understand the main considerations and processes undertaken by origination and syndication professionals when bringing a borrower to the primary bond market (pre-mandate, execution, and post-issuance).

  • Learn the role of the key players in the financial markets including issuers, intermediaries, rating agencies, trading & sales, investors, and the media.

  • Gain a robust understanding of the primary debt markets.

  • Assessment

    Users are required to assess their knowledge at the conclusion of each module, by completing a multiple-choice ‘online Test’ (provided via a Microsoft Teams Form link).

    Each test is to be completed within a specified time and is compiled of 5 random questions based on the content of each specific module.

    Fees & Payment

    For further details on fees, delivery, and payment methods please contact:
    [email protected].
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