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About Us

Bond Radar is the premier intelligence and data service provider for the Global Primary Debt Issuance Markets, including Syndicated Bonds, Syndicated Loans and Leveraged Finance.

Backed by dedicated and trusted professionals with many years of experience and extensive contacts globally, Bond Radar offers real-time updates throughout the new issue deal execution process across the Investment Grade, High Yield and Emerging Markets. Users may elect to receive message alerts directly to their inbox.

The definite service offers insightful post-pricing deal reviews, and comprehensive market summaries, as well as access to a user-friendly accurate database of historical priced deals, enabling customised searches to generate charts, league tables and book distribution statistics.

The services are also available via the Bloomberg system (please see our menu page on BRRD), and through your mobile device via the Bond Radar app.

For full data integration and analytical solutions please visit our API Developer page.

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