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21 Nov 2018 hg Grand City Properties EUR2021 Tender Offer

20 Sep 2018 em Banco Santander Mexico announces Tender Offer

04 Sep 2018 hg SKF Announces Tender Offers via Citigroup, Commerzbank.

30 Aug 2018 em Lum Chang Holdings Exchange Offer Announcement


21 Aug 2018 em O1 Properties launches consent solicitation

16 Jul 2018 em Credit Bank of Moscow announces MDA tender offer

01 Jun 2018 em Tata Motors Capped Tender Offer For 2020 notes

31 May 2018 em Event: Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Brazil 2018

Event description Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Brazil 2018 Date: 5th of June 2018Venue: The...

23 May 2018 em ++ Bond Radar launches new roadshow platform Roadshow Radar pdf Simple - Secure and Cost...

23 May 2018 hg ++ Bond Radar launches new roadshow platform Roadshow Radar pdf Simple - Secure and Cost...

14 May 2018 hg Enel SpA Hybrid Liability Management: Details

*Offeror : Enel SpA *Transaction : (i) Any-and-all tender on...

14 May 2018 em First Pacific Tender Offer for bonds due 2019, 2020 and 2023

** FIRST PACIFIC TENDER OFFERS FOR BONDS DUE 2019, 2020 AND 2023 ** This information is a...

03 May 2018 hg Adler Pelzer announces consent solicitation

Today (3 May 2018), Adler Pelzer Holding GmbH announced a consent solicitation relating to EUR350mm...

25 Apr 2018 hg TVO announces Tender Offer

25 April 2018 - Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (the "Issuer") hereby announces its invitations (subject to...

19 Apr 2018 hg Adler Real Estate announces Tender Offer

ADLER REAL ESTATE announces tender offer for the following notes: Notes ISIN Amt...

17 Apr 2018 em Guangzhou R&F - Tender & New Issue Announcement

16 Apr 2018 hg Kommunekredit announces Switch and Tender Offer

Switch & Tender Sales Announcement ** LAUNCH NOTICE ATTACHED ** ** Not for distribution into...

12 Apr 2018 em Uruguay announces tender offer

12 Apr 2018 em Montenegro indicative results of cash tender offers

05 Apr 2018 em Montenegro announces tender offer

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