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European Leveraged Capital Markets | Opportunities & Outlook


Charlotte Conlan:
Head of EMEA High-Yield Bond and Loan Syndicate, BNP Paribas
Youssef Khlat:
Co-Head of the Global Leveraged & Telecom Finance Group, Credit Agricole
Craig Abouchar:
Lead Portfolio Manager, European High-Yield Bonds, Barings
Member of the Executive Committee, European Leveraged Finance Association
Fiona Hagdrup:
Portfolio Manager, Leveraged Finance, M&G Investments
Member of the Board, Loan Market Association

Event overview

European Leveraged Capital Markets: Opportunities & Outlook

European leveraged capital markets entered 2020 in good shape with solid activity across all market segments. Events Radar’s European Leveraged Capital Markets roundtable will review activity and the event’s expert panel will discuss what lies ahead.

The signs are promising: leveraged loan activity coming into the year was busy, with a variety of deals in syndication or in visible supply from across the region, including riskier highly-leveraged trades. Private equity-backed buyouts globally had their strongest year in 2019 since before the financial crisis, while over 20 European companies took advantage of solid market conditions to raise some USD 16 billion equivalent in the high-yield bond market in January 2020.

High-yield product continues to benefit from central bank liquidity, which has squeezed returns in investment-grade markets. Also, banks, institutional investors and CLOs, flush with cash, display strong appetite, pushing demand for paper above supply and enabling borrowers to achieve good execution – including in Single B and Triple C layers.

Topics for discussion:

  • Expectations for European high-yield debt and leveraged loan issuance
  • Taking the pulse of the European LBO market
  • What will drive activity for the remainder of the year?
  • Reading financial sponsors’ preparedness to do deals
  • Where will issuers find best execution in the loan/bond continuum?
  • How will the market break down in terms of rating profiles?
  • European CLO activity
  • Under-playing the risks? Economic slowdown, worsening credit quality, higher leverage, less restrictive documentation, a spike in default rates