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** Bond Radar Education: First of a series of educational videos from Bond Radar: Launched

30 Jun 2023

Bond Radar, the premier news service for the global primary bond markets, is pleased to announce the launch of its Education division.

The first series of educational videos is entitled the ‘Debt Capital Markets (The Primary Bond Market)’. It provides an overview of the main considerations and processes undertaken by bond origination and syndicate professionals when bringing a borrower to the primary bond markets.

The completed series consist of ten hour-long modules aiming to demystify the subject by stripping away the complexities and jargon within DCM and providing simple explanations and clarity around the important topics. Each module is also peppered with Q&A, as and when relevant, in anticipation of questions the viewer may have on certain topics or terminology as they come up.

Modules may be purchased and viewed separately, although the recommendation is to view the series in its entirety and in order. The video series has been formulated by DCM origination, and syndication specialists and professionals.

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