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** SERVICE UPDATE: New feature added to the Bond Radar Data Wizard **

Bond Radar - Banks Service Update.pdf (.pdf) 22 Jun 2020

  • Under the Banks field, we have introduced a new ‘Region or Country’ function, removed the ‘Select’ function and renamed the ‘Find’ to ‘Select specific bank(s)’.

  • Under the Issuers field, we have removed the ‘Select’ function and renamed ‘Find’ to ‘Select specific issuer(s)’.

Data Wizard help guide:

Search by bank region or country filter

  • To access the new feature, please log onto and click on the ‘Data Wizard’ tab located on the top right hand corner.

    • Click on the ‘Banks’ filter and then click on the ‘Select by banks region or country’ tab. On this filter, you can search banks by region or country by select the region or expanding the region filter to select the countries.

      • After clicking search, you will have the option to download a deals list or league table

        • Download deal list output (Example)

          • User defined league table (Example)

          • Select specific bank(s) filter

            • Select specific bank(s) filter can be found here

            • Select specific issuer(s) filter

              • Select specific issuer(s) filter can be found here

              For further assistance or questions please email [email protected] or call the Bond Radar team on +44 (020) 7832 0827.

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