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October 2nd 2020
Video location - Stationers Hall (Gardens) - London

4th Annual Impact of Technology on Capital Markets - Has Covid changed the narrative? | Webinar

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Debt capital markets have coped admirably in the six months since Covid-19 unleashed massive fiscal and monetary stimulus to smooth over severe volatility and keep the market liquid. This ushered in one of the busiest periods in the history of primary bond markets at a time of physical disruption as market participants switched from office working to team tagging to working from home. 

The high level of activity proved that the primary market is not broken and was able to function using existing technology. But one of the subsidiary benefits of the general disruption was an acceleration in discussions around digitisation and automation for new-issue markets. How much closer are we to that pivot point that takes the market into a new phase? 

Listen to the insightful recorded face-to-face discussion hosted and moderated recently by Keith Mullin of KM Capital Markets and Events Radar with three expert panellists well versed in where the tech debate is headed: 

Charlie Berman, Chief Executive, agora Digital Capital markets 

Avtar Sehra, Chief Executive, Nivaura 

Armin Peter, Global Head of Debt Syndicate, UBS; Chair, FinTech Advisory Committee, ICMA 

What is their summation of market activity over the past six months? 

How has the tech debate evolved during the pandemic? 

What are some of the missing pieces of the tech jigsaw that are critical for digitisation?

What's the tech vision for primary bond markets?

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